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PO Box 261, Fredonia, NY  14063


Fredonia, New York



to foster deeper connections with plants, especially medicinals and edibles in our local ecosystem, enhancing individual wellbeing and environmental sustainability.



Educational workshops about plant-based medicine making; identifying, understanding, and sustainably harvesting local plants; herb gardening; and related topics for all ages and levels of ability.

Writing about medicinal plants growing wild or easily cultivated in western NY.

Check out A Nourishing Harvest: 2-3 articles per month connecting the WNY gardening, wild-foraging, and natural health communities with information that supports safe, toxin-informed harvest of food & medicine.

Private Consultations exploring one's unique health circumstances, and how plant-based formulations may complement a healthy lifestyle to support wellbeing. Emphasis on education for excellent self-care, rather than dependence on practitioner.

Note: Sarah is not a medical doctor; she is an educator. Sarah cannot diagnose, prescribe, or "treat" any illness. Sarah will offer educational resources, and it is the client's responsibility to make their own decisions regarding their health.

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General member since 2015

General member since 2015