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Fredonia, New York


Philosophy & Practices


For as long as humans have existed, we have been cultivating relationships with plants for food, medicine, fuel, clothing, shelter, and beauty. Plant medicines have traditionally been 'remedies of the people,' accessible in kitchens, gardens, and the local ecosystem. Sweet Flag community herbalist Sarah Sorci has found people-plant connections to be nourishing and empowering on many levels. She believes that intimacy with and reliance upon the local ecosystem is a necessary component of any environmentally sustainable culture. Sweet Flag Herbs seeks to facilitate rich relationships with wild and cultivated plants, as well as others in our community and ourselves.

In Sarah's classes, she discusses sustainable wild-harvesting and growing methods. Click here to learn what "sustainable harvesting" means for Sweet Flag Herbs.


Sweet Flag Herbs acknowledges that the medical environment in which we live has changed drastically over the last 100 years, and continues to change with new medications, procedures, and research. An herbal medicine practice that is accessible, safe, and effective for everyone requires adequate knowledge of herb-drug interactions, as well as the phytochemistry of medicinal plants. To ensure that herbal recommendations are as appropriate as possible, Sarah researches herb-drug interactions for any client using a medication. She also collaborates with Dr. Hilary Stevenson (PhD, Molecular Pharmacology) when presented with unfamiliar pharmaceutical medications. 


Herbal consultations and formulations are not yet covered by most medical insurance, making them difficult to afford for some. The "membership" model is offered for the significant savings on consultations. Sarah prioritizes education in hopes of strengthening confidence in growing, harvesting, and making one's own medicine-- the most affordable option, available to everyone.


Sweet Flag Herbs is grateful to be part of a community of learning, sharing information and experiences. Thus, botanical and ecosystem information, traditional uses, growing recommendations, etc. are provided whenever possible. Dialogue and feedback are most welcome!