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Basic Herb-Infused Oil (Topical Use)

Rosemarinus officinalis

Rosemarinus officinalis


Basic Herb-infused Oil Recipe

  • 16 oz mason jar + lid

  • 1 cup dried herbs, chopped or powdered in food processor

  • Organic extra virgin olive oil, or oil of choice

  • vitamin E if desired

Place dried herbs in mason jar. Top off jar with oil. Secure 2-piece metal lid.

Use gentle heat to keep the jar warm for 12 - 48 hours. Aim for 100 - 140 degrees F. This can be done in a dehydrator, yogurt maker, double boiler, toaster oven, slow cooker filled with water, etc.

Strain herbs out of oil using a coffee filter, several pieces of butter muslin, or clean cloth. Squeeze herbs out well.

Add several drops of vitamin E if desired to extend shelf life and support the skin. (Follow instructions on vitamin E label). 


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