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PO Box 261, Fredonia, NY  14063


Fredonia, New York

Earth Month Expo

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Educational workshops are the bread and butter of Sweet Flag Herbs. In western New York, there is an abundance of medicinal and edible plants growing in every lawn, sidewalk crack, and wooded area. Sarah offers workshops about identifying, sustainably harvesting/cultivating, and making concoctions with these plants.

Sarah has experience offering programming for individuals of all ages and ability levels, including differently-abled individuals. If you are interested in scheduling an event or would like more info, visit the Contact Page to get in touch.

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Earth Month Expo

Sponsored by Greystone Nature Preserve, this Expo will focus on how you can become a steward for the Earth. From workshops on helping our feathered friends, to talks on bats, butterflies and medicinal plants, we will have something for everyone!  Visit the facebook page for more information.

Sarah will host a vendor table, and offer an 11am talk about Local Plant Medicine.