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Making Herbal Tinctures 101

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Educational workshops are the bread and butter of Sweet Flag Herbs. In western New York, there is an abundance of medicinal and edible plants growing in every lawn, sidewalk crack, and wooded area. Sarah offers workshops about identifying, sustainably harvesting/cultivating, and making concoctions with these plants.

Sarah has experience offering programming for individuals of all ages and ability levels, including differently-abled individuals. If you are interested in scheduling an event or would like more info, visit the Contact Page to get in touch.

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Making Herbal Tinctures 101

beHealthy Institute, Main St, Hamburg
Cost: $34 Includes choice of 2 oz dried herbs for tincture-making at home.

Alcohol-based tinctures are a convenient way to extract and preserve medicinal herbs. Buying them at the store can be expensive, but we can easily make high quality herbal remedies at home. In this workshop, Community herbalist Sarah Sorci of Sweet Flag Herbs will share standard rules and ratios for tincture making, and give a brief history of the process. Samples and demonstrations will illustrate the differences between using fresh and dried plant material, as well as other variations. Participants will leave with the confidence to prepare herbal tinctures independently.

Pre-registration required. Visit the beHealthy workshop webpage to sign up.