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Fredonia, New York


Wellness Consultations

If you are interested in a wellness consultation, Community Herbalist Sarah Sorci would be happy to meet with you. 

Wellness involves every part of one's lifestyle, including diet, exercise, stress, quality relationships, etc. Wellness solutions are sought in these areas before looking to herbs for additional support. 

Sarah is passionate about sharing information with clients, empowering individuals to make their own decisions regarding herb selections and lifestyle changes. Following a consultation, Sarah typically sends a detailed email explaining recommendations. This includes properties of herb(s), how these properties may interact with your body, and relevant sources for further reading.

Sarah is delighted to offer consults at three beautiful WNY offices: Terry Beck Acupuncture in Dunkirk; beHealthy Institute in Hamburg; and Creative Wellness in East Aurora. Consultation fees vary due to office rental fees.

*The costs listed below do not include herbs. Sarah will work with you to find the most affordable source of products you are interested in. Sarah would be delighted to offer recipes for making safe and easy remedies yourself, if interested-- the most affordable option.

Initial Consultations

First-time consults typically last an hour and a half, giving Sarah an in-depth picture of immediate health concerns, body type, diet, lifestyle, health history, medications and supplements taken, etc. Herb(s) and/or lifestyle changes will be recommended if appropriate. A lengthy followup email offering resources and information is typically sent. 

  • Dunkirk (Terry Beck's Acupuncture): $85

  • Hamburg (beHealthy Institute): $85

  • Creative Wellness (East Aurora): $120

  • Hamburg home visit: $75. Home visits in other WNY locations may be arranged. Fee varies based on proximity.

Followup Sessions

Followups are typically shorter than the initial consult. This is a time to discuss health updates, and identify appropriate progression or changes in wellness protocol.

  • Dunkirk (Terry Beck's Acupuncture): $45

  • Hamburg (beHealthy Institute): $50

  • Creative Wellness (East Aurora): $68

  • Hamburg home visit: $45. Home visits in other WNY locations may be arranged. Fee varies based on proximity to Hamburg.

Sweet Flag Membership

After an initial consultation, "Members" commit to 6 followup consultations, to be used within two years. Members receive reduced consultation fees. This relationship allows Sarah to better learn from clients' experiences with the herbs and lifestyle changes they choose, allowing her to refine her recommendations.

New members may join at any time. Clients may apply previous followup consultation payments to the 6-month membership fee below. 

  • Dunkirk office and local home visits: $240 membership ($40 per followup consult)

  • Hamburg (beHealthy Institute): $270 membership ($45 per followup consult)

  • Creative Wellness: $300 membership ($50 per followup consult)

Note: Sarah is not a medical doctor; she is a personal educator. Though she can share information and educate about herbs and our bodies, she cannot diagnose, prescribe, or "treat" diseases. It is the client’s responsibility to implement the educational resources Sarah shares as you see fit.

*Prior to consultation, Sarah will ask you to complete and return an intake form. Sarah will have a copy of the Consent Form for you to sign at your first consultation.