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Fredonia, New York


Wellness Consultations

If you are interested in a wellness consultation, Community Herbalist Sarah Sorci would be happy to meet with you. 

Wellness involves every part of one's lifestyle, including diet, exercise, stress, quality relationships, etc. Wellness solutions are sought in these areas before looking to herbs for additional support. 

Sarah is passionate about sharing as much information as possible with clients, empowering them to make their own decisions regarding herb selections. Following a consultation, you can expect an email explaining my reasoning for recommending a given herb. This includes properties the herb(s) contain, and how these properties may interact with your body.

**The costs listed below do not include recommended herbs. All members and clients are eligible for wholesale prices.


Initial consultations: $65/$95

First-time consults typically last an hour and a half, giving Sarah a more in-depth picture of immediate health concerns, body type, diet, lifestyle, health history, medications and supplements taken, etc. Herb(s) and/or lifestyle changes will be recommended if appropriate. 


Followup sessions: $45

Followups are often shorter than the initial consult. This is a time for you to report any noticed changes since implementing the protocol discussed. Sarah will tweak her recommendations for lifestyle, herbs and/or dosages as needed. 



"Members" commit to 6 consultations, to be used within two years. Initial for members are valued at $55; followup consultations are valued at $40. Thus, total member commitment is $255. This relationship allows Sarah to better learn from clients' experiences with the herbs and lifestyle changes they choose, refining her recommendations.

New members may join at any time. Clients may apply previous consultations to their 6-consultation commitment. Discount on past consults will be applied to future consults.


SLIDING SCALE: If you are interested in a consultation but unable to meet the cost, please contact Sarah to receive a Sliding Scale form. 

  • For an initial consult, pay what you are able from $35-$65
  • For a followup consult, pay what you are able from $25-$45